My Secret Homosexual Experience

“Fuck Me! Stay with me forever!”

He was numb at my words. I couldn’t see him. The bodies of darkness overcrowded the room. Only the ray of light from my phone shone feebly on the sheets before me.

“Fuck me! I want more children.”

“You?” he asked, after an eternity of silence. “A man?”

“So bloody what?” I shot back. “Am I not pregnant now? Haven’t we made babies before?”

He sprang up to leave. I followed in blindness, groping after him. “Where are you going?”

“Why call them children?” he turned to me. “The world will judge most of what you put out –“

“Screw them! Children are from God. Who cares what they think?!”

He pushed to leave. I wrestled him.

“Stay! Stay!”

“I have others to see!”

“Leave them, you bloody bisexual! It’s just us. It should be just us!”

He turned to me with fierceness. I fell into the seat, legs open, body slippery with sweat. Suddenly, he jerked at me and barged his wholeness into me. He contorted my body to suit his position. Then, he pumped at me, using me to his repletion.

Rough! Hard! Fast!

I bled. Yes, I bled…on the sheets before me…more and more…gasping, half smiling with pleasure & pain….pleasure from the experience, pain from the migraine and physical torture.

“Say my name!” he whispered in me. “Say my name!”

“Spirit,” I grunted. “Spirit of writing, use me!”


6 thoughts on “My Secret Homosexual Experience

    • Lol.. Well, if that is the punishment for havin an imagination, a little more daring than the norm, then, I’ll gladly take it. Lol. Thank u all the same. (I’m still laughing @ your conclusions)

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