“Thank you Sir,” she said smiling. “With this account, I’ve met my target for the month.”

He nodded in response, eyes fixed on her. With the power outage across the city, the office was no refuge from the heat of the sun outside. Her makeup was splotched with sweat.

“Here are the forms,” she said, rising and bending towards him with a set of forms. “You need to sign here, here and here. I’ll handle the rest.”

As she bent to show him where to sign on, he caught a whiff of her perfume doused by her sweat-stained armpits. He also looked into the open neckline of her blouse and relished the sight of her coffee-black nipples against the lighter tan of the rest of her breasts.

His phallus erupted. She noticed it, then, met his eyes.

“I’m not opening the account until we do it,” he reminded her.

“I know,” she averted his eyes. “Where will we meet and when?”

Her question eruct an icy silence between them. It seemed uncomfortable for her; but was too subprime to affect his confidence in his own office.

“Why waste money on a motel when I have an office?”

She turned to him, shocked. “But,” she began in mild protest, “by the time I take off my clothes and then have to –”

“Just bend over there,” he pointed. “Throw your skirt up and pull the panties down.”

She turned around to obey.

He had been wishing for a while to outgrow situations like this. Office fucks always left a dingy after-smell. The West African heat seemed to simmer the genital fluids that with no time to freshen up, wet cunts effused a spongy smell that percolated the whole office; but on a lucky day, only about eighty percent of the office was affected.

Today was a lucky day.

He walked over and jabbed himself into her.

“Ah!” she gasped. “You’ll push that thing through my throat.”

He ignored her as he pumped away at the rhythm of debauchery. She turned to him. His face was contorted with his eyes closed. Veins pressed against his forehead as if peeping at her nudity. She reached under his groin and cupped her left hand over his testicles.

“Ah!” she moaned with every breath. “Ah! You have huge balls.”

Her moaning escalated while she mildly squeezed his testicles. It spiked his pleasure – it felt like his whole body was racing towards an explosion.

“Oh shit!” he gasped.

“You coming?” She questioned amid a moan.

He didn’t answer. His jerks seemed to be reaching a climax, so she pushed him out of herself. He staggered and turned to the table, gasping in zeniths of pleasure.

“Gosh!” she exclaimed. “You’re shooting that thing all over the forms!”

He caught his breath after a few seconds and zipped up.

“Screw the bank forms,” he said. “After all, it’s the money you are after, not the forms!”


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