What exactly is Nigeria?


As one accused daily of being too “opinionated”, I shall not offer my opinions here. Rather, I shall only present you with facts and hopefully, you shall deduce the answer to the question for yourself.


According to the Science of Sociology, which is, the study of human behavior through societies, a society is defined as thus:


A society is an autonomous grouping of people who inhabit a common territory, possess a common culture and are linked to one another through routinized social interactions and interdependent statuses and roles.


By this definition, is Nigeria worthy of being called a Society?


Please consider the following facts:


  • Nigeria shares no common culture. She has over 250 ethnic groups. This means having over 250 cultures.
  • She is not autonomous. These ethnic groups are not subject to the laws they have created.
  • They are not interdependent. They do not depend on themselves, but rather on the outside world; always having to compare one thing (example, currency) to a currency outside rather than with the standards that are within their own boundaries.


Let me pause from sociological facts. Please, join me and look around you (literally).


Is this not a sad parcel of land?


Over 50 years, we call it…we are more backward now than at the beginning.. Our Policemen are tax collectors.. Soldiers bully citizens for foreign expatriates to have a right of way… Our education grooms sons to become assassins who work for hungry Politicians and ladies to be courtesans, who sleep with the leaders… The health sector is non-existent..militants are celebrities…Religious leaders are heralded despite the moral decadence…Criminals proudly declare intents to run for political office….Intellectuals are despised…Fools are kings… Values are shunned, Hypocrisy is embraced…Our economy…our economy…well, need I say more? And sadly, this is HEAVEN, because, the way GOD is on the lip of all our citizens, HE CERTAINLY MUST BE LIVING HERE!


I shall speak no further of this because in this parcel of land we call a country, people refuse to think. They certainly abhor you when you choose to. They say: “GOD will do something for us”. Who am I to argue GOD?


It’s just sad that in over 3 decades of living on earth and most of those years in this parcel of land called a country, I am yet to see GOD live on the streets…yet to see him eat from the bin…yet to see the Police beat him, though he is right….yet to see him get robbed of his wealth by his leaders…yet to see……..


Well, I think, since all I see is people experiencing the suffering, perhaps, people should start THINKING…thinking of how to make this place a better place for us and those who shall come after….


Arise O Compatriots! This parcel of land’s call, you should obey……..


Never thought a day would come when I would be happy to say, thank God for those loved ones who have passed… I am very happy they didn’t live to see a day like this. I am happy because I know, at least, there is one less person seeing and experiencing this hurt…this huge hurt, most call a…..country…………..is it really…is it really a country?


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