She is sprawled over the mattress, napping and seeming like she is slipping away. The further it lasts, the darker here gets. I have so much to say, but how do I begin? How do you talk to one close to you, yet far away? How do you prove this is a great beginning when everything around argues this is the end of a day?

I want to share everyday with you. Your smile ripens bananas; your moods raise the tides of waters. You greet me every morning when I rise; without you, my views on love would be otherwise. When you are here, all is bright; when you are gone, seeing, is a fight.

I don’t like the distance. I don’t like the space. I want to share my life with you. Please don’t sleep today; you better not slip away. Yes, you are tired; you need rest. But when you are gone, seeing is a test.

Why not rest here? Don’t roll to the other side of the mattress. Stay on this side that I may see your face. Though your back is lovely, your face enchants me. Stay here.

I wish my dad could see you today. He sat at the veranda looking forward to seeing you every day. I wonder why I never sat with him…I wonder what pictures of you he had…I wonder if I could tell him now I see you daily, I wonder if he would reply, he saw you early.

Watching you is fun, but is heartbreaking. I want it now…I want all the miracles now…I want them now!

But you’re not hearing me…you’re still sleeping, sprawled over the mattress with immense tiredness staining your ecstatic perfection…I want you to stay here forever…you brighten my days and ease my nights…stay awake forever…I sense we shall have a splendid life together… stay with me forever…I need you…I love you.

She doesn’t hear me. She is sprawled across the mattress of blue skies scantily covered with the duvet of clouds…backing me and rolling away…

I’m watching you…yes, I’m watching you sleep. I’m watching you, o great sun; I’m watching you set. I itch with impatience for you to rise tomorrow.

You are the sum total of all. You are my sun. I love you.


Inspired by the lady sleeping on the mattress before me, by the window where the sun sets.



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