• Why must we wait to reach the end before we justify the means?


  • Why does perseverance pay up after a long while; not at the beginning?


  • Why must the road to hell be paved with lovely things and that of heaven with ‘garbage to the eyes’?


  • Why do we have half-truths and lies…what exactly is the difference between them?


  • Why do words hurt more than the greatest weapons fashioned by the hands of men?


  • Why does nature bless men with great libido and their women with a paucity of such?


  • Why does it take men few minutes to climax and women eons of time?


  • Why is the attainment of money so difficult yet the loss of it extremely easy?


  • Why do men seek bad girls at night and good girls as wives without realizing all sand is sand – whether from the beach or a construction site?


  • Why do we only love things from a distance and yet value them less after we have them?


  • Why is life a mixture of ups and downs; just like the day a mixture of light and darkness and every other thing in our universe a mixture of both polarities (positive and negative)?


  • Why do religions refuse to tell mankind the truth that GOD and the DEVIL are THE SAME FORCE; just expressions of different polarities?


  • Why do all religions argue that unlike their counterparts, they are not “religions”, but “personal relationships with GOD”? Phew!


  • Why do religions feed us with lies daily and seek all kinds of allegories to back those lies; yet, when you find the truth and challenge them with it, you are called the unbeliever?


  • Why do all religions speak of LOVE as their only message, yet, foster more hate, disintegration, murder, et al amongst us?


  • Why do women do all sorts just to land that ring and afterwards lack the attitude and wisdom to manage those “husbands”?


  • Why should nature be erroneous in her creation that after childbirth the vaginal orifice of the women remains slackened?


  • Why does marriage consist of oaths that so aim to make it impossible?


  • Why oaths?


  • Why do we lie?


  • Why can’t men have an understanding of the feminine emotions and women, the understanding of the masculine energies?


  • Why can’t human intentions be labeled on their foreheads instead of being buried in the crypts of their hearts?


  • Why does it take less muscles to smile and more to frown; yet it remains easier to frown than it is to smile?


  • Why do we spend the least time with those we claim to love?


  • Why should patience be a virtue…why can’t things be a little faster on this realm?


  • Why must “experience” be so tough?


  • Why must lessons be learned the hard way?


  • Why must age degenerate the human body while aiming to free the soul?


  • Why is evil so easy and yet good, tough?


  • Why am I plagued with an abundance of questions, not answers?


  • Why does being in love bring about doubts and fears?


  • Why does gain have to come with pain…why not gain all the way?


  • And if your answer to any of the questions was “GOD made it so”, then my response to you is “Why?”




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