When the four boys were murdered in ways that make the barbarians look civil, you were not there. You watched it and afterwards, voiced your anger. You screamed things must change…NOW!

Things have not changed! More have been killed. More are waiting to be killed. What are you doing about it?

I read an article by M I Abaga on ‘HOPE’. The bottom line was: he wondered how long, we as a people would rely on hope for the change we desire! I wonder the same thing too. A dear friend of mine asked me on Oct 1st, this year (just 9 days back) why I bother to ‘worry’ about Nigeria. He advised I should just aim to make my money and live my life because, like he put it, “it doesn’t concern me”.

I thought his views were wrong – please prove me right by making this concern YOU!

A mother of one of the boys murdered in Aluu just died following the incident. So rumour has it. Sadly, I have to believe the rumour because that is our ONLY source of news in our dear nation. All breaking news comes from it and only after such news has saturated society before we have our media houses offering to comment.

Back to Aluu4 – we’ve not done anything yet about the ‘ALUU 4’ despite all our screams of anger! Hearing only screams from every angle just means, like all other unbelievable things we’ve seen in our nation in times past, this too would be forgotten in a hurry. Perhaps we are not doing anything about it because, we are probably thinking: “it doesn’t concern us!”

Yet the University of Port Harcourt has been shut down due to violence from the students and members of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) who were mobilized for that purpose. Do you still think it does not concern you? What if other Universities join in and eager criminals use the medium to terrorize lives and properties far and wide? Will it still not concern you?

Yesterday, I got the most alarming broadcast message on blackberry which purported to be sent from “the mothers of the nation”. I was ashamed for us as a nation. The broadcast message suggested that the perpetrators of the shameful act should be stripped nude and burnt alive with tyres round their necks. The broadcast message went on to add curses on the whole community called Aluu. One of such curses was, “all male children in that village shall never live past the age of 24” as that was probably the oldest age of the murdered boys. In fact, it was also suggested that the males of that community shall all be murdered in gruesome ways.

Please believe me – I’m not making anything up with respect to this broadcast! If you think things have to change, we have to make that change. This means YOU – yes, YOU reading this, please join in. To achieve change, we must first THINK! And the most effective vehicle of thinking is QUESTIONS!

So please, let me ask the following questions: first, let’s direct this at the mothers, who through that blackberry broadcast, are demanding all other young men in that community dead because of the crime of a sect; please are these mothers suggesting that those (innocent) young men in Aluu are not people’s children? Or are they saying irrespective of one’s innocence (or perhaps crime), having a tyre thrown on someone’s neck and set ablaze is a just way to die? Or don’t we realize that from the fundamentals of mysticism, when you point one finger to curse, four are pointing at you? If we ask for such brutal killings of the perpetrators of that heinous crime and we place curses on their community, what is the difference between we and them?

We would be doing exactly what they did – having power over a set of people alleged to be criminals and setting them ablaze without giving them their full rights as human beings!

Does this mean I am advocating freedom for these murderers? Not at all!

I am only saying, those murderers took the law into their hands and as such, should face THE WRATH OF THE LAW. Or please, what do you think?

I believe, despite videos of their crime, as humans in a country, they have THE RIGHT TO A TRIAL. And the trial should please, be PUBLIC AND QUICK! We want this trial PUBLIC because, in order to secure their rights, we need everyone to see what is going on; as we can’t vouch for the actions of our different law enforcement agencies, especially when they are coaxed by “big men” or perhaps, I should say, “big money”.

Another reason we want this trial QUICK is because it is rumored (as at the time of this writing) that one of the mothers of the victims just died. Hence, that is two deaths in a family in less than a week. It is almost impossible imagining the trauma those family members/friends would be going through now. Words can certainly NOT describe that!

The killings that have started need to be stopped! Don’t say it doesn’t concern you! It took a man who set himself ablaze in Tunisia for the Arab spring of 2011 to be ignited, which swept across Tunisia, Egypt, Syria and more. Here, we have four young men who suffered from oppressors and a video of it that has gone viral; hence, imagine what that can do to our nation – if not properly managed.

Don’t say it doesn’t concern YOU! Please, step in without waiting for the Government, as they may be too slow to act due to all the indifference clothed in rags of protocol! YOU need to step in now before we have inter-communal clashes. One of the victims stems from Okirika – the native land of one of Nigeria’s well-known Militants!

Don’t say it doesn’t concern YOU! Act now! Think NOW! If there is an ignition of a messy inter-communal clash in Rivers State, which affects security immensely, operations would be shut down in most, if not ALL of Nigeria’s major Oil producing companies! That would result in a colossal challenge in the economy of the nation starting from loss of jobs in Port Harcourt and it would trickle down to an increase in crime, vandalism of our pipelines and of course, exponential increments in prices across the nation due to scarcity of petrol and petroleum products!

If you wait till then for it to be your concern, it may be too late! Remember that in Nigeria, when prices go up, they never come down! So, even if you feel, if such happens, it would end after a few days/weeks, still realize you would still feel the pain long after the incident is forgotten through the hiked prices in fuel, transportation, et al. So, if you should act, act NOW! STOP THE MONSTER NOW! It’s growling and gearing up; but we actually have the weapon and time NOW to stop it!

First step in acting is, choose the RULE OF LAW AND ORDER over any kind of bias! DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO HAVING THE PERPETRATORS OF THAT CRIME BEING BURNED FOR THE CRIME! DEMAND A PROPER TRIAL IN A COURT OF LAW – LET IT BE PUBLIC AND QUICK! Send out the broadcast messages. Update it on Facebook. Tweet and Retweet. Make your voice heard! Make a difference, no matter how little. Make it your concern NOW…don’t wait till you hear your brother or friend or child is the latest to be killed in a crises, we could have come together to avoid.

Don’t wait till you realize you can’t buy fuel for your car or generator before you decide to join this campaign!

Choose the way of the LAW – not because the murderers deserve it, but because, we want our nation to be a better place!



  1. I completely agree with you. Blood for blood makes no sense and just lumps you into the same category of mindless heartless individuals that have no care in the world for the life of another. What people should be rallying for is justice. Justice in the sence wereby the perpetuators are arrested, brought to trial and giving life sentences for the murder of those four boys.

    Secondly, things like this have been going on for ages but its the popularity of social media that made this case so well known. A friend on mine died in the hands of the police after being falsely accused of teft, so in essence, the police are no different. There needs to be a complete overhaul of the police and judicial system amonsgt the countless list of things that need to change in Nigeria.

    In regards to ‘HOPE’. That is another thing i am sick and tired off hearing, second only to ‘lets live it in Gods hands’. God ain’t going to do shit if we as people dont demand better, cant respect one another, cant be our brothers keeper and strive to have the best not just for our children but also for our neighbours.

    Anyway, great post again Michael. We need more people like you not just in Nigeria but in this world.

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