It’s a shame!

It’s a shame on GOD that mortals would question HIM because of this news.
It’s a shame on us that it takes death to realize what you meant.
It’s a shame on the earth, that her lust for your beauty would drive her into such a dastardly act.
It’s a shame on life that through her carelessness and misplaced priorities, she lost you today!

I am ashamed that it was news of your death that shocked Calliope into speaking to me today…urging me to write!

Today, we awaited the sun to rise like it does through the glisten in your eyes when you smile and suddenly realized, the sun is far away. It was the warmth of your eyes that gave us the illusion it was near.
We itched to receive that unique smell of your perfume in the air but the wind sits still with its head in cupped hands.
Water has abandoned us and creeps out of our eyes as tears …
And woe on the earth, that she chose to take you today!

All along, we thought the earth was our friend… she carried us around everywhere we went… she pretended to be humble and allowed us walk on her… she seemed uninterested in eavesdropping on your hearty laughter…but today, we see her for what she is: a silent enemy, stealing away our most loved ones.

Today, it has become clear that she desired your beauty more than lecherous men did. We find she itched to have all your attention like we, your loved ones did. We realize she wanted to own all your activity and energy like your happiness showed. It hurts to find, that such a trusted ally could rise against us using the vehicle of death.

But thank you Nicole! Thank you for cheating the earth in a way only you could. Thank you for giving us all of you and leaving the earth with nothing tangible. Thank you for giving us your love, your laughter, your energy…your life! And when you were done with giving us all you had, you handed to the earth the leftovers; or as the English call it, “the remains”.

Thank you that we had all your warmth and the earth can only have your coldness.

Thank you that we had all your energy and activity and today, the earth can only have rigor mortis.

Thank you that you shared your beauty with us and left the earth with only your bones.

Thank you Nicole! Thank you Nicole! Thank you Nicole!

It is saddening, but we wish not to cry as you would desire us not to. So, we shall move around with silent smiles, knowing that a part of our hearts stopped with your last breath.

And this writer thanks you specially for having subjected your very beautiful eyes to love my scribbling and even more so, for considering them intelligent and beautiful. It was an honor I most enjoyed because I know that the sum of all I have ever written can never be as intelligent and beautiful as you!

Nicole Opeyemi Adedeji, live on!

Live on in another realm…in another place…and most importantly, forever, in our hearts!


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