Cursed, I’ve been…

The sun smites me at midnight

The whips of rain flog me indoors

The wind neglects me in the open to heat

And water…yes, water….rather than enter me like it does every other, chooses to leave through tear ducts

Cursed, I’ve been…

I dream with eyes opened

I have life amongst the dead

I see what others are blinded to

I speak amidst the dumb

I hear the rumblings of nature

I feel amongst heartless siblings

I taste…yes, I taste the sufferings of the masses….

And yet, speak words without my lips!

Cursed, I’ve been…

My goals have no posts or rims

My wishes make all beggers ride

My clock ticks leftwards

My days race backwards and my nights last forever

Cursed, I’ve been…

I refute the salvation of the Christ and as such, can only perform reverse miracles

Hence, I now turn wine into my water; alcohol, my (holy) spirit.

My bride is a sum of the sins of a wandering mind;

As depression makes love to me.

I’m married to a widow and allow a youthful bride age

Nature makes me father infants of my father

And birth babies on paper….

Cursed, I’ve been…

Yet, you have stayed with me…

Yes, you… The PEN!

Some have wives; others, riches.

Some have slept with that great whore called success and others, with their pain.

Some speak of salvation and others of science…

But all I have is YOU… you and the faith of that young damsel who would rather age without a ring than move away!

Together, you and I have made the dead rise at funerals

We’ve stripped women nude in black and white

We’ve made snow fall in deserts

And played GOD far and wide!

With you, through the pages of books, I’ve found redemption!

For if every second I live with you has been pleasurable,

Then, perhaps, I can douse the flames of hell for a sinner like me…

If heaven and hell were created on the pages of a book;

Then probably, with you, I can recreate my own heaven and erase hell…

If GOD created the world as told by a book

Then, more worlds would be possible via my books!

If men’s lives are recorded in books…then, I can be immortal with more writings…after all, you are with me!

Thank you, the PEN! What would I have been without you?

Thank you, o great Calliope, for turning me into your PEN!


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