An intriguing topic. The wise discuss it, the low fear it and fools claim to know it.

I would not attempt to define a word no possible assemblage of words can define; not because the word – in this case GOD – is indefinable, but because, daily I find that 6 billion people are more willing to hate and kill themselves over this word than any other in the history of man (yes! Despite words like love, money, etc).

However, the things that intrigue me today about the word in question are:

First, most religions profess we were created in that image of GOD. If that be so, I guess I can assume, it only means, we are GODs. This, I say with some caution, as a majority across tribes and tongues could easily label me with that most dreaded religious sin – blasphemy!

In any case, the second intriguing thing about this word is a phrase used to define this “entity” in the Christian text in the book of Hebrews, chapter 12. GOD is defined as “THE AUTHOR AND FINISHER….”

That is scary! If the religious GOD is an Author, then, I fear for mankind. To a great degree, Authors seldom know the end of books from the beginning. In fact, we seldom know the next stage. I think we are gifted with a unique ability to begin, but not to end. Ends just happen, but beginnings are crafted!

Furthermore, we are never really good at creating anything according to our “wills”. Our characters are often changing the course of our books and stories. Even the scenery often has a mind of its own. And, with all other authors I have met, I find we find our characters frustrating and enviable – as they wake us in the middle of the night and in some cases, frustrate us into a needful slumber at noon; not to mention that we find them enviable because their lives are often better than ours. If nothing else, their troubles are not eternal – they only last within chapters and the pages of books. However, it is certain that their troubles always end…somewhat! (Or perhaps, I think so; or may be, wish so).

Hence, if this religious GOD is really an Author, could that be the reason why our world is like this? A system heading towards an end (an assumed end, though, the author can’t figure out how to end it or when it will end?). Could it be that the challenges like those in the Middle East, Nigeria, Marriage, Health, et cetera are complicated to the religious GOD as the “characters” continuously pop up new strategies and plots that baffle this “GOD”?

Could it be that this GOD is baffled with the human race as we choose to die at will and survive even when nature seems not to permit it? I don’t know really. I just can’t tell.

However, what is most baffling is this: could it be that this religious GOD is unaware of an “appropriate end/development of things”? After all, when I started this write-up, I couldn’t predict the number of words or paragraphs or even, when it will end…if this be so, is it really right to entrust daily life and the future to this GOD?

Isn’t the end/development of things up to us – the characters? And before you call this blasphemous, ask a Writer how stories develop. The answer could shake your faith! It may be best not to ask, on second thoughts…just go ahead playing your role in the plot of life; because the future may be more up to you than an external “FORCE”!


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