I have refused to write on Nigeria for a while; not for lack of a functional pen (or computer), but writing non-fiction on Nigeria is a tad boring. You end up writing the same things over and over again with different characters and scenarios.

However, this is not about me. It is about another level of Grace. By now, I bet everyone reading this has read on how to learn the new level of Grace as seen in Ese Walter’s story. Without being sarcastic as I may appear, considering I am not a religious man, I would just say this, as I have said a zillion times:

The ‘Nigerian GOD’ and his Men and congregants continue to baffle people who are a tad bit logical. In any case, this is not about that GOD. It is more or less about his people – both the ones on the pulpit and the ones who are occasionally taught a high level of grace.

I have read Ese Walter’s story more than once. I do believe it. If you doubt the story, you may want to read the confession of another ‘victim’ called Franca here:

Following Franca’s story, it is baffling that despite all that has been said and written across the length and breadth of this country, no one seems to be asking about the other ladies in this unique Pastoral Care Unit or perhaps, other departments of the workforce at COZA. The stories we have heard so far seem to give reason to the line of thought that the workers in this unit (or units) are invited to learn higher levels of grace. So, please, when will more “victims” – as they are now termed – be willing to share their learned lessons? Were they invited to sit on the laps to learn or were they asked to touch their toes or perhaps, show their proficiency in ‘blowing the flute’ before higher and higher lessons of grace were revealed? LOL

Okay, jokes apart. I was just wondering when more revelations would spill from our little Pandora’s box. In any case, back to Ese Walter’s story. The first time I read it, I found it very humourous. Afterwards, I lost the humour and read it only for the purpose of seeing the things she was trying to say by not saying them. However, before I go onto those things, I must say that the reaction that has followed her story on twitter, facebook, etc; continue to baffle me.

Surprisingly, most women challenge Ese Walter. They call her all sorts of names. In fact, they say she was not abused at all. They cling to the fact that she was a whore who was having sex with a married man. #no comments#. (But I must make this comment: these comments show these women look at her like the devil who is attacking a man of GOD after causing such to sin. Hence, what do we have? You’re damn right! There would be more lessons on high-level Grace across the country; since most women do not see the ‘Man of GOD’ to have really been at fault).

On the other hand, you have people who want to nail the Pastor (and by nail, I mean the way Jesus Christ had it; not Ese Walter). He’s been called all sorts. And not surprisingly, the Pastor is yet to give a comment.

Here is my take on this matter. To be fair on Ese, there were clearly elements of abuse in her story…BUT… please, let me finish before your nail me (like Jesus; or are we talking about another kind of nailing here?). That was not the only element in her story.

Ese states they had this affair for a week! I understand that the first time she met the Pastor in his hotel room, she must have been awed by him and the ‘trancelike’ term she uses was very possible. Students of psychology would agree with this as it follows the concept called the HALO EFFECT. Simply put, in the shortest of ways, people often feel awed when in the presence of people they consider very important/powerful/extremely beautiful/intelligent. In fact, this aids the process of hypnosis; which I think, Ese could have been a victim of on the night of that FIRST ENCOUNTER!

However, I think Ese’s story is a tad incomplete. After she left him for her house that night or perhaps, the following morning (as she does not give us this detail), reality would have struck! If she was such a ‘good-girl-turned-victim’ as parts of her writing make her appear, she would have fled or insisted on making things right by whatever means she thought possible! However, she continued, not for another incident, but a week! A bloody week! And mind you, we can’t tell how many times the “rolling under the sheets” happened per day in the course of that week! Oooops!

So here is the psychological explanation for that. She enjoyed it. Simple! This lesson on Grace was really working. She however admits that she finally urged things to change. However, later in her story, she said she insisted on seeing ‘The Teacher of High-Level Grace’ to ask him to make amends and when they finally met, he attempted to begin his next lesson by kissing her; which, I must add, she claimed to have refused (to learn). This makes me assume, her attempts at stopping this affair didn’t (initially) register as ‘serious enough’; hence, such an attempt by the “Teacher of High-Level Grace-cum-Man of GOD” wouldn’t have come as part of the introduction. Anyone who has had an Ex would testify that when one party still nurses hope of a make-up, such attempts are very common; however, if a previous firm ground had been established, any following meetings are always somewhat official and perhaps, awkward.

In any case, let me continue: One of the laws of Physics states that A BODY CONTINUES IN ITS STATE OF REST OR UNIFORM MOTION UNLESS ACTED UPON BY AN EXTERNAL FORCE. If we introduce this law into this lesson of ‘high-level Grace’; we shall realize that the parties in this class DID CONTINUE IN THEIR STATE OF ROLLING UNDER THE SHEETS (for a week) UNTIL ACTED UPON BY AN EXTERNAL FORCE!

Now, please, what was that FORCE (CONDITION)? What made Ese feel so bad and choose to drop out of this very ‘practical’ religious class? Please don’t say the Holy Ghost. I am certain, HE prompts people earlier, before a week is gone. So, I wonder, did the “victim” realize she was not the only one privileged to this “elective class of the church” and at that point feel used? Did she feel this love/admiration/attention (she had imagined on the first day) was temporary and shared with thousands of others? Was it after a week that it occurred to her that perhaps that was why her friend who had introduced her to the church warned her to keep off the ‘work force of the church’?

Psychology teaches us that a ‘feeling of self importance’ is the major driving force behind most, if not ALL, of our actions. So, was this the driving force that led our “victim” to seek reassurance that things were different in her case through a proper apology in order to feel better than the rest (of the “victims”); or at least, regain her self importance, that she was not like the other ‘cheap’ ones who could be used, promised money and trips round the world and then dumped? (She clearly showed she was not thinking of the money; but clearly, the “Teacher” didn’t “get it”. So, what was she thinking about before thinking this should be called off? Was she probably thinking of more attention and proof that she was really loved and fate or Holy Ghost had failed to make “Teacher” and “Victim” meet earlier in order to be married; and all the other lies that follow adulterous relationships when the married partner clearly demonstrates a refusal to leave his/her partner?).

Whatever the case, I think she proved to herself she was different! After all, she’s shown Nigerians who are willing to look beyond COZA to see that there are “electives” going on in these schools…oooops! I meant religious temples. If the heads are not teaching the young ladies more grace; they are teaching the young boys “dig deeper beyond the surface” – if you know what I mean! She also gave believers of these ‘Teachers of Grace’ a reason to believe them more. After all, the dream the chap had that she (Ese) would leak it to the media has come true. Abi, no be so? Does this not show that he is really a Man of GOD?

However, despite all my analysis, one question beats me: ‘Why now?’ If she wanted vengeance, she would have done it since. If she wanted clarity/redemption from guilt, she would have revealed this since. If she wanted to heal faster; then, earlier than later is what is most logical. On her blog, she had stated she was going on a 29-day hiatus and at the end of that, this story was her next post. Why reveal it on the thirtieth day? What is the significance of the date of her post? Why now; when the incident occurred while she was a student in the UK (between 2010 – 2011)? Why has she deleted her accounts on facebook Twitter – despite emphatically stating she has healed from this and ‘couldn’t care less who insults her’? Is there more to this than meets the eye?

Well, I am probably going too far. Ese Walter herself told us in the story that the ‘Teacher of High level Grace’ had warned: “Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm!”

Let me stop here before I would be accused of doing that. I really don’t want to get nailed because of this – Be it Jesus’ nailing or Ese’s.



  1. I heard about this story over the weekend. I agree with much of your assessment/analysis of it. While I don’t dispute there could have been some sort of coercion/manipulation/etc…but certain things don’t ring as…..complete, it feels like there are missing parts. As a woman, I’m loathe to be speak against another especially on a topic as sensitive as this one but there has to be more to this. On the other side, there is a supposed ‘man Of God, using his authority against another, it morally reprehensible talk less of the bible/sinful aspect of it. Unfortunately there are too many like him

  2. Why is it that it is only Naija, that the women are rushing in their numbers to sleep with Men of God? I mean you in other countries, the pastor had a long term affair with one particular woman, but here he has been sleeping with girl in choir, ushering, hospitality, protocol etc…. Is there something about our brand of pastor that just makes women weak in the knees and they cant say no? Just asking

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