I have found that in most nations of the world, people don’t know everything! In fact, most ‘developed’ societies shy away from the ‘jack of all trade, master of none’ way of life. However, not back home in Nigeria.

Here, everybody knows everything, yet, look at the society! If you ask a regular chap on the streets of Lagos, ‘what is Naira’s exchange rate to the Dollar?’; I bet you, he has an answer. If you care to research it, you would find that answer is correct, perhaps, to the fraction our ‘Mr Nobody’ gave you.

If you think that is a joke, then consider another research: ‘ask anyone on the streets of Abuja something that pertains to how GOD thinks’ and I bet you yet again, irrespective of this person’s religion, he would be able to tell you GOD’s logic, methodoogies and perhaps, activities. He would even link it to the political situation in the country, use the President as an example of GOD’s miraculous works, then, bring it down to your question. If care is not taken, he would inquire about your present dilemma and right before you, without doing any research into any of the Holy Books, would become GOD’s mouthpiece!

I really can’t tell if this is good or bad! I mean, in developed nations, normal people shy away from most general topics except those based on their areas of specialty. They seem to believe (though unintentionally) that they ought to focus on their ‘specific duties’. Hence, when they feel they have a health issue, rather than ask their neighbour for advice, they go to a hospital (unlike Nigeria, where your neighbour would gladly turn your personal physician and remind you of your medical history – even the ones you’ve forgotten about) and enter your home without invitation to turn a nurse!

I can cite several other examples. However, I think the point has already been made. I wonder if this has to do with our unique educational system – or perhaps, the lack of it! I mean, a Brit on the streets of London would ask me, like one asked me last week, ‘why do I need to know the exchange rate? How does that concern me? The banks would handle the transactions!’; but a Nigerian finds that difficult to understand (which, I honestly, did)! Is it because, we seem not to learn anything from our institutions that subconsciously, our human brains find the need to know whatever is around us? Or, is it because we are living and moving in a country that critics consider a failed state, that makes it imperative for us to seek all forms of irrelevant information to hold onto?

I am just asking. Pardon my curiousity. I think I prefer not knowing everything but just one thing and that one thing is able to provide my daily bread, clothes and shelter; instead of being a walking encyclopedia of total crap! And I call those things total crap because, if you attempt to have any piece of discussion with a Nigerian in a way that seems a tad logical, the Nigeria grows wary and tells you, ‘why you dey disturb yourself with all these kind things jooor?’

I must say, we are quite a unique breed! I don’t mean that as a compliment and certainly, not as the opposite. It is just one of those ‘kind things’ I find I say a lot these days!


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