We keep silent…

Because it doesn’t concern us. We keep silent, except for the look of fear in our eyes, the frightful beatings of our heart and the constant ‘Rest In Peace’ we mutter under our breath, like we are scared that if we say it loud enough, we would attract the angel of death to our beds.

We keep silent…

We do nothing about it because it’s not our friends or families that were bombed, and when it’s our friends, we thank God it’s not our families, and when it gets to our families, we thank God that at least, we are still here.

We keep silent…

We shut our doors because the blast is from the next street; we close the windows so we don’t hear the neighbors scream. We tell ourselves let the by-gones be by-gones.

We keep silent…

We scream to the heavens in our churches and mosques. We claim we are praising GOD, following HIS orders. We ‘enslave’ ourselves for HIS purpose; though deep down, we wish we are ‘bribing’ HIM, endearing HIM to our side that HE may give us what we know we truly don’t deserve. We get lost in our hypocritical activities, to hide ourselves from the realities of this hell we are currently living in, which we created for ourselves through our recurring actions and inactions over the decades.

We keep silent…

We focus on issues that would never arrest our problems; we condemn the lady in revealing clothing and tag her names, we detest the girl who doesn’t wear a Hijab daily or who doesn’t tie a scarf to church; we condemn those of a different religion and speak lowly of our peers of a different denomination cos surely, they cannot be as holy as we are; we decide to stone gays and call it the white man’s sin or strip nude an apprehended girl for theft in an attempt to prove we loathe evil, though we all are drowned in it and our hands stained with our very own corruption…

We spend all our days arguing at the top of our voices and having petty talk, calling our different kinds of religion and stating our different definition of god and sin that we refuse to see that our childhood friends die before 33 and those who cross that have a celebration if they see 50; we refuse to care that our medicines are fake, our roads are poor, our planes are flying coffins, waiting to fall into our vast open Graves; our Politicians buy our integrity over a meal of pottage, we don’t realize our banks prostitute our wives and daughters, our statistics of a great economy insults our logic, our youths are feckless and jobless, our aged, frail and idle, our homes, broken with hardship, our children, growing without any hope of a future; our Police are robbers, our soldiers, Guard dogs against us the citizenry; our Bishops live close to GOD in their private jets and our Imams bathe with the waters of the Jordan river; our masses eat hunger as food and have idleness as work; our schools teach hopeless fashion to ladies and gun skills to young men; our Pressmen report to the sound of coins in their pockets, our doctors save their cheques not lives, our foodstuff are polluted with all unknown poisons and our air, a cocktail of unhealthy gasses…

Yet, We keep silent…

We fail to THINK, we fail to SEE, we fail to KNOW…one day, the corpse, will be US.



  1. You are one hell of a f**king good writer. I can’t find a angle thing to fault in this article because you are 100% on point.

    If only 20% of Nigerians could think and reason like you, I doubt the country will be in such a shit hole.

    Two thumbs up

  2. Well written. This is a country walking on its head. Citizens can’t act because they’re not untied, so politicians keep on digging our graves. Alas, the principle of divide and rule that was employed by the colonial masters still thrives today.

  3. Micheal, Gosh! you are such an incredible writer. I could feel your mood on this one. I honestly wish ,we the Nigerian youths could come out in mass numbers and fight our courrupt system of govt . Meanwhile, I have boomarked ur blog on my phone. *wink*

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