To the Mathematician, it’s a collection of integers.
To the toddler, it is a difficult math lesson.
To the Doctor, Patients of trauma.
To the Soldier, casualties.

To the Cleric, humans in need of a GOD and miracles
To the Passenger, a flight number
To the Accountant, a book balance.
To the Postman, the address of a parcel

To the Politician, poor votes
To the sportsman, scores and statistics
To the resident, the number on his door.
And yet, to a nation, it means so much more.

234 girls,
United by gender
Targeted by evil
Abused by terrorists
Abandoned by leadership
Mourned by Mothers
Lied about by an Army

234 girls,
Having a fate unknown
Having an abode, untold
Having an experience, unimaginable

234 girls,
To some, just a piece of news.
To their parents, dreams stolen
To foreigners, a tragedy unexplainable
To a nation…hard to tell.

Whatever they may be to you, they are worth more than just a number. They represent a father’s pride, a mother’s hope, a brother’s all. They all are singular stories, representing the value of lives in Nigeria. They, once again, buttress the huge risks posed to the ordinary person every single day in Nigeria. That includes you and I. Hence, even if you can do nothing whatsoever to ease their plight, do picture yourself in that tragedy and have empathizing thoughts.

They are beyond analysis. They deserve better than mere talk. They are daughters, they are children, they are students, and above all, they are humans!

Irrespective how tough it may be to comprehend this, look at it in the simplest of ways:

They are not strangers. They are not fictional characters. They are You. They are I. They are Us.


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