Galileo taught us that the earth is spherical. Yet, in all his wisdom, he and all other scientists after him failed to explain why a spherical earth has so many corners in it. People in these corners never have their names mentioned, never have their stories told, never have their faces seen.

However, every once in a while, their ordeals make the news. Only at moments like that, do we realize, such people live, such corners exist; such ordeals are possible.

Today, one of such corners is Chibok. One of such faces is that of a little girl. One of such ordeals is being kidnapped by your fellow countrymen and sold into slavery in this 21st century.

It is cruel. It is unforgivable. It is unimaginable. Nevertheless, Words, are always inefficacious in the duties of expounding on the magnitude of grief felt or empathized. Yet, despite their flaws, a Writer lacks other tools, especially at moments like this. Hence, if our present inept tools allow us only a set of words, then, by all means, we shall write those words:



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