You are sitting opposite me. You are quiet but your eyes speak to me. You weigh me in every way in your mind, though your lips refuse to voice your thoughts.

Imagine… I refuse to let that unsettle me. I walk towards you in your comfy seat and ask: “What if I touch you in certain ways?”

Imagine… You don’t speak. I decide to not continue with words. Instead, I rise to the door, lock it and return to you. I pull you by your legs so you sink into the seat a little more. This new position has your back prone on the cushions and your thighs parallel to the floor keeping your heels pinned to the floor.

Imagine I ask, ‘How do you like it? What would you like first?’ You don’t answer. It is as if you are stunned by what I have done so far but you stare at me, your eyes expectant, wanting me to carry on. I stand above you, then, using my forefinger, I run a straight line from your full lips, slowly, down your neck, then, onto your top, down between your full breasts, to your tummy, navel, belt, jeans…


You still don’t speak and I refuse to stop, disregarding any thought that this may be improper; to do this the first time we are meeting in person despite years of friendship over the phone. I unbutton your top and spread your blouse apart, opening you up to me so I can see your smooth skin. I undo the clip of the bra and let loose your full, heavy breasts. I trace my finger tips against the sensitive skin under them, trailing up towards your dark nipples, around you areola. I leave them and move downwards, concentrate on undoing your belt, pull down your jeans and your sexy panties. I admire my work; watch you lay there, naked from the waist down and mostly naked from the waist up. I look down at you with the confidence of one whose nudity is yet to be discovered by a desiring partner, while you lay silent, naked, before me. I run my forefinger from your chin once again, this time, slower, gentler. I pause at your chest and inspect your exceptionally full twins. As I caress them, I watch your eyes, glazed in desire look down and stare, prompting a bulge in my jeans. I, who never shows any form of PDA – public display of anything, suddenly have a part of my anatomy showing off. You look into my eyes with the confidence of one who has succeeded in conquering an admirer with her assets. No words are spoken.

I kneel between your legs and look deeply into your eyes. Then, I kiss you lightly. I leave your lips for your right ear. I nibble on it gently, then, using the tip of my soft, moist tongue, lick down your neck from the ear. I bite it lightly in different spots. Your breathing becomes shorter, quicker, more tense. I knead your adorable puckered nipples gently with my fingers, while still biting different spots on your neck, between your ear and shoulder. Then, slowly, I pause and smell your neck. “Hmmm… You smell good.” I move gradually down to your chest, kiss it tenderly, then move even further down, smell your sweet wet spot below, while still playing your nipples lightly with my fingers. I take in deep breaths to inhale the essence that is you only interrupting that with light bites on your inner thighs and kisses down your abdomen. I lick around your navel, suck on it then, using the tip of my wet tongue, continue to draw a line downwards. You seem to tense up more slightly distracted as if worried but then you relax when you hear me say, “Hmmmm… You smell great.” Then, as if confirming that, my tongue mows through the shrubs of your pubes, down through the now-wet alley, sucking on the fleshy appendage over your clit, and seeking that clit-button of yours. In one swipe of the tongue from your puckered tight hole below moving up, I taste you, the very unique juice only you can produce. I lick you some more, all the while still kneading on your breasts. I use my tongue to separate your lips – first the majora, then, the minora. I lick and plough with my tongue, and you, breathing more intensely and spreading your legs willingly pour me more to drink. Then, I get to the orifice, where I drink in more of you and I suddenly push my warm, moist tongue into you. I tongue fuck you gently, while I drag a hand to caress your clit. Then, suddenly, I push a finger into you…and then, another. I finger you slowly at first then, faster, while my tongue returns to lick and suck on your clit and juices. You grind on my face, seeking more…more of me, which I give happily, harder. In a gradual rise, your moans increase, your first sounds since we began, until you reach your first peak of pleasure, cumming hard, your body tensing in orgasm. And just as you ride the crest before you can catch your breath, I pull down my jeans and boxers and push my cock into you in one move “Augh,” you gasp audibly.. I continue pushing into you softly while I bring my lips to meet yours. You see my lips and chin glistening with your juices and you kiss me deeply, tasting yourself, drinking every part of your juice from me, while releasing more onto my cock. I pump into you, fucking you steadily. Your eyes roll back in immense pleasure, your gorgeous twins ripple and shake in the most beautiful, scattered way. As the our pace increases, our fucking more intense, I bite your neck hard, leaving a twin mark to the the one I made before, under your left ear. I bite it, lick it, bite it some more. You moan. I fuck you more.

Harder, faster, rougher.

I whisper into your ear. “You naughty slut…sexy bitch.” The words inspire a round of naughty grinds and moans from you. And I push in…harder…faster…rougher… You suddenly close your eyes, edging towards yet another release.

“Look at me!” I order you. “Look at me bitch!”

You force your eyes open, yet they can only make it half-way. You stare into my eyes as I pump you into another release. You see me looking down at you at your moment of greatest vulnerability, a moment few have ever seen and most will never see. You see me looking down at you as you offer all your submission. The look of your drunken eyes, quaking boobs and juicy cunt shove me to the edge. I close my eyes with pleasure. You grab my head.

“Look at me!” You order speaking legibly for the first time. “Look at me as you fuck me!”

You can tell I am about to shoot my load. As I force my eyes to look into yours, you also have that moment most would never have – I, on my knees, conquered by your all too-juicy pussy. You see me reveal my weakness in nudity before you and you grab me by the face, itching for the hardest pumps of the moment and smiling the smile of heavenly pleasure, conquest and vengeance all at once, at seeing me in this state.

Suddenly, I jerk inside you, my movements more frantic, you hold on to me tighter as you feel the warmth of my release rushing within you. Feeling me inside you, speeds up your orgasm and as you do, I pull your head backwards and bite your neck severally, in different spots.

You scream out your pleasure and as you stay at the precipice, your juices flow freely from you. As you catch your breath, you grab me securely within your arms, quaking from several shots of pleasure. After a few moments, you gradually open your eyes to this world and my smile.

“Keep this between us, would you?” I ask.

“Keep it coming back, would you?” You respond.

An agreement is formed.



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