I have never considered myself a writer. That’s too big a word – too much responsibility. I try to avoid those. Please, blame me not. You probably would think like me if you were born in Nigeria. In Nigeria, being male bestows on you several responsibilities. Being a first-born male also bestows on you a little bit more of that than the usual. However, should you be a first-born, male child, from certain areas and a little exposure, the responsibility rains on you daily like the rays of the sun at noon.

So, I am not a writer. I just talk a lot. It just turns out that, while growing up, my dad advised me to use my eyes some more and my mouth a little less. He explained that when you talk a lot, people tag you “loquacious”. However, should you grab a pen often, and put those words out, people may actually mistake you for being “intellectual” – once again, another word that comes with some weird form of responsibility.

So, here are some of my words. Some will make you laugh, some cry and others, sadly, may attract your hatred. I doubt if any attracts love. I just hope none will ever bring about “responsibility”!


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